FieldsKit provides smarter deinterlacing and better workflow options for interlaced footage.

Clip courtesy of Videometry

At the heart of FieldsKit is FieldsKit Deinterlacer that deinterlaces video imagery with superior results. results. Using proprietary field reconstruction and adaptive motion techniques, FieldsKit Deinterlacer can build full frames from fields that are of much higher quality than the standard approaches available in most effects and video editing applications.

The FieldsKit Reinterlacer plugin allows you create interlaced material from progressive material using various techniques, including producing new fields using motion estimation techniques. The FieldsKit Pulldown plugin allows you to animate the pulldown phase for material that has multiple cadences in the same clip.

  • DV Magazine says FieldsKit "must be seen to be believed."
  • says FieldsKit "lives up to and surpasses expectations, so we're giving it a Best Buy recommendation."