RE:Match works with many applications. Please check our compatibility page to make sure RE:Match will work with your system setup before you purchase a license. We also suggest you download and try out a RE:Match demo.

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After Effects and Premiere Pro
RE:Match for After Effects and Premiere Pro, Mac or Win
See features page for differences between regular and Pro
RE:Match RE:Match Pro
Full version $89.95 $329.95
Render-only version1 $17.99 $65.99
  RE:Match RE:Match Pro
Upgrade from RE:Match "regular" to Pro   $240.00

Floating licensing also available. See pricing info.

1Render-only licensing note: Render-only licenses do not work in AE’s Render Queue (for Render Queue rendering you need the full version). Render-only licensing is for use with After Effects' render-only programs (aerender). Note that the RE:Match render-only licenses only work on projects written with a full license (so you must have at least one full license for the render-only licenses to be valid).

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Nuke, Fusion, Natron

RE:Match for OFX

  Node-locked1 Floating2 Upgrade Node-locked
to Floating2
Full Version $395.00 $592.50 $197.50
Render-only Version3 $79.00 $118.50 $39.50

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1 Note: Read more about our node-locked licensing.

2 Note: Floating licensing cannot be automatically processed, so please allow extra time for delivery (up to 2 business days, but we try to be more reponsive!). Read more about our floating licensing.

3 Note: Render-only licenses will only render projects saved on a machine with a full (interactive) RE:Match license (so you must have at least one full license for the render-only licenses to be valid).

Vegas Pro, Catalyst Edit

Note: ReelSmart Moton blur is only compatible with Vegas Pro 10.0e and up.

RE:Match v1.3 for Vegas Pro, Catalyst Edit $89.95

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