Shade/Shape automatically turns your 2D artwork into 3D rendered imagery!

See Shade/Shape in action!
Thanks to Angie Taylor, Fred Tieken, Mark Tekushan and Amy Seiwert's Imagery.

Give your imagery volume and depth without the hassle of 3D modeling! Shade/Shape generates 3D models from your 2D graphical and picture elements using RE:Vision's powerful and proprietary shading-from-shape technology. The models are then lit and rendered in true 3D! Add further detailing to your 3D models by applying reflection and bump maps.

Create a 3D shaded version of any matte you provide, including animated characters!

Note: Shade/Shape also comes with a companion plugin, Shade Normals, which uses the shading techniques in Shade/Shape to shade the normals produced by a 3D system or even Shade/Shape itself.